Related Services

The IEP team may recommend one of more of the following related services necessary for a child with a disability to benefit from special education. These can include audiology, physical therapy, school counseling, psychological services, speech/language therapy, special transportation, orientation/mobility training, parent training, school social work, occupational therapy, recreational therapy, school health services, or interpretation services.

Work Study Program

A work study program is coordinated by licensed special education staff at the high school. The students receive instruction in job skills as necessary from their special education teachers, the work study coordinators, and job coaches. When students have mastered some basic job skills, they are placed according to individual needs at job sites in the community which are funded through a variety of supplemental sources including state and federal agencies and private employers.

Extended School Year Services

Special education and related services are provided to eligible students beyond the 180 school days at no cost to parents. Eligibility is determined on an individual basis by the IEP team based on demonstration of significant regression/recoupment relative to current IEP instructional goals and objectives.

Gifted Education

In New Mexico, gifted programs are provided through special education and funded through the special education funding formula. For this reason, the federal and state regulations written primarily for students with disabilities also apply to students who fall under the gifted exceptionality. Specific eligibility criteria are mandated by state legislation. Students identified as gifted are those whose measured intelligence quotient is at least two standard deviations above the mean on an intelligence test and who meet at least one of the following criteria: superior performance on the total battery score of a standardized achievement test, outstanding creativity or divergent thinking, and/or outstanding critical thinking or problem-solving ability on a test. The district offers GATE (gifted and talented education) programs including both inclass and pull-out models in grades K-8. A program is available at the high school which offers support for gifted students whose needs are not met through the wide range of programs available to all students at the high school. The district has a GATE Advisory Committee composed of parents, staff and students which meets to review current programs for gifted students.

Transfer Students

A student transferring into Los Alamos Public Schools who has been served in a special education program in the previous district may be placed on an interim IEP in a special education program which appears to meet the student's reported needs. Final placement in special education is contingent upon the receipt and acceptance of previous diagnostic data and the determination of need by the IEP team. If the records are not received or do not verify the student's eligibility, the student may be referred for further evaluation by local diagnosticians.

Homebound Services

Special education services are provided in home, hospital, or other setting as deemed necessary by the IEP team.