Student Involvement on the School Board


Begin “pilot program” for 2015-2016 school year to utilize more student involvement with school board.  The idea would be to spend this year seeing what works and what doesn’t with a plan to create a permanent school board policy for the future.

  • More input from a broader cross-section of high school students
  • Enable school board to make more well-informed decisions
  • Allow students to learn about how the school district and school board works
  • Help students learn about the importance of board decisions and more about civic engagement
Selection Process:
  • "Student liaisons to the school board" will be in addition to student council representatives who currently report at board meetings
  • Two to four students will be selected from an application process created by the school board.
  • Any junior or senior student can apply for a position.  It will not be limited to student council or any particular student group.
  •  The board will try to select students with diverse interests and involvement to get a broader student perspective on issues.  Criteria for selection will include:  interest level, involvement in activities, ability to attend meetings.
  • The board president will assign two board members, the superintendent and a high school administrator to review applications and make a recommendation of student liaisons to the board.  
  • The student liaison position is advisory to the school board and a non-voting position.
  • Student liaisons will serve for one school year.  They will be required to attend monthly school board meetings from September to May but will not be required to attend work sessions.  Not every student liaison needs to attend every board meeting.  The students can rotate attendance, depending on the agenda topics.
  • Input from student liaisons will be early on the agenda, and students won’t be expected to stay for the entire board meeting.  The board will strive to accommodate student input within the first 90 minutes of each board meeting.
  • Two board members will come to the high school for a lunch meeting with the student liaisons once a month the week prior to the school board meeting. Other students will also be invited to the lunch meetings to talk informally about issues and give feedback.  (The particular weekday of the lunch meeting will need to be set after school starts to attempt to avoid conflict with other club meetings or lunch activities.)  
  • A high school administrator (Renee Dunwoody) will coordinate details between the student liaisons and school board.  After the student liaisons are selected, Dr. Steinhaus and Mrs. Dunwoody will meet with the students for a brief “orientation” prior to the first school board meeting they attend.
Suggested timeline:  
Board approves process:  August 11th
Applications made available to students:  As soon as possible after school starts
Applications due:  September 1st
Review of applications by committee:  Between September 1st and September 8th
Selection of students:  September 8th board meeting
Orientation of students:  Latter part of September
First lunch at high school:  Week of October 5th
First school board meeting:  October 13th