Student Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Following these procedures will help ensure the safety of students as well as expedite the drop off and pick up process: 


  • Help us keep students safe by staying in a single traffic line in front of the school.
  • Pull up to the front of the drop off lane as much as possible (allowing traffic to stop) before allowing your child to exit the car. Traffic moves in “waves”.
  • Follow directions of the duty staff.
  • Have your student exit the vehicle from the sidewalk side of the drop off lane ONLY.
  • Remain in your car and allow your student to exit on his/her own with their backpack or other items with them.  Minimize the need for students to move between vehicles (i.e. to remove items from the trunk / hatch).
  • After drop off or pickup occurs – WHEN SAFE - SLOWLY pull forward with traffic from the drop off lane once your student exits following traffic. 
  • Always EXIT LEFT off of the drop off lane towards North Mesa Rd. (No right turns during drop off and pick up times)


In Addition:

  • Do not use the bus loop to drop off students – this lane is reserved for buses only
  • Avoid dropping off in the parking lot.  It is not safe for students to walk between moving cars, lanes, etc.
  • Keep traffic moving and refrain from watching your child enter the school.
  • Avoid blocking the crosswalk and follow the direction of crossing guards.
  • Avoid passing other cars on the front driveway (even if there is an opening ahead) There is NO PASSING in the drop off lane.
  • Obey the speed limit - 5 MPH
  • Avoid parking on the drop off lane which is always a NO PARKING ZONE.
  • When picking up students during the school day- please park in the parking lot and come into the office to check students out.  


Your cooperation with the above keeps everyone safe!!

Please call 505-663-2375 with questions