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The Los Alamos JJAB strives to help youth and families in our community feel connected, valued, and recognized. By partnering with other community organizations, JJAB assists with concerns regarding youth and family issues by providing individualized case management, parenting workshops, youth activities and free classes/training.


190 Central Park Square
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544
(505) 661-4816


Municipal Building                          1000 Central Avenue
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544
(505) 662-8333

Los Alamos County

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Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation is a charitable non-profit corporation, whose purpose is to raise community and corporate funding in support of the Los Alamos Public Schools.

The Foundation has consistently raised funds to support educational programs, promote professional development of teachers and other school staff, defray operating expenses and help fund school capital improvements.

The Los Alamos Historical Museum is housed in the historic Guest House, located next to Fuller Lodge.

The museum presents the stories of Los Alamos from multiple perspectives via indoor and outdoor venues, historic buildings, artifacts, documents, photographs, audio and video recordings of personal stories, and interactive visitor experiences.

1050 Bathtub Row,
Los Alamos, NM 87544

There are two Youth Activity Centers (YAC). One is in Los Alamos on the east side of Ashley Pond and one in White Rock located behind the White Rock Library on Sherwood Blvd. The programming focus of the Activity Centers is on youth resiliency, a safe, supervised environment and positive adult role models. The program provides supervised programs at no cost for youth in grades 3-8. Last year there were over 12,000 visits. The YAC is open every day after school, during school vacations, and during the summer.

FSN has served the families of Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico since 1989 through our Family Resource Center and programs.

FSN's mission is to provide education, support groups, and activities to all types of families, parents, teens, and children.

Childcare for all classes is available on request at no additional charge.

3540 Orange St.Los Alamos, NM 87544

Los Alamos Nature Center (also known as PEEC) is equipped with a full-dome planetarium, wildlife observation room, indoor and outdoor play areas, and interactive indoor and outdoor exhibits, the Los Alamos Nature Center is a great place to orient to the region and enjoy the breathtaking views of canyons, mesas, mountains, and skies.

2600 Canyon Road
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544
(505) 662-0460

The Bradbury Science Museum Association supports and inspires learners of all ages in Northern New Mexico and beyond through STEM Education.

The museum offers approximately 60 interactive exhibits trace the history of the WWII Manhattan Project, highlight the Laboratory's current and historic research projects related to defense and technology, and focus on Laboratory research related to national and international economic, environmental, political, and social concerns.

1350 Central Avenue
Los Alamos, NM 87544
(505) 667-4444

The mission of Los Alamos Family Council, Inc. is to promote emotional and social well being through education, prevention and counseling. To accomplish the mission, LAFC currently runs two programs:

Counseling Center. Counseling is available for adults, adolescents, children and families for a full range of mental health, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Youth Activity Centers


1010 Central Avenue
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544
(505) 662-3421

The Family YMCA is a charitable, community-serving organization that promotes values, leadership development, service-learning, community interaction, healthy life choices and active lifestyles.

YMCA's services include youth, family and community programming; after school and summer camp programs, a wellness facility in Los Alamos; and teen recreational and academic programming in Española and Los Alamos.

1450 Iris St,, Los Alamos, NM 87544

The Fuller Lodge Art Center, nestled in the heart of downtown Los Alamos, is a multi-faceted hub for art and artists in the community.

Located in a wing of the historic Fuller Lodge, FLAC embraces its history but also looks forward to the future. With 2020’s exhibit schedule already set and a plethora of upcoming art classes for kids and adults, we’re bringing the future to Los Alamos right now.

2132 Central Ave.
Los Alamos, NM 87544

The ATC is a free bus service offered by Los Alamos County . It is not associated with LAPS. Therefore children's conduct and safety on the bus is the responsibility of their parents/guardians Get all the latest Atomic City Transit news, announcements, holiday closures, detours, and weather delays here. Or sign up on the ACTracker to get alerts and notifications directly by email or text!


Parents, did you know you have an entire library at your fingertips while at home? Use the library catalog to find books and materials, check out eBooks and eAudiobooks, reserve books, and access the phenomenal online resources under Homework Help to help kids find science projects, timelines, maps, and more.

To get your free library card visit Mesa Public Library or White Rock Branch Library and fill out a short application. We require photo identification showing current name and address.

Mesa Public Library
2400 Central Ave Los Alamos, NM 87544, 505.662.8250

White Rock Branch Library
10 Sherwood Boulevard
White Rock, NM 87547 505.662.8265

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Los Alamos Public Library System