Additional Services for Students

Student Assistance Teams

When a student shows signs of needing some type of special help, the student may be referred to the building Student Assistance Team (SAT). The SAT is made up of the principal, counselors, teachers and other personnel as needed. The student may be referred to the SAT by the school staff, a parent, or through self-referral. Parents or students who wish to make a referral to the Student Assistance Team may contact the classroom teacher, the counselor or the principal.

The SAT reviews the student's records and other information, recommends general education intervention strategies and support, and develops a time-line for reviewing the success or failure of these interventions. After the review, the SAT may decide that there is sufficient information to substantiate the need for a multidisciplinary evaluation. If the student is determined to be eligible for special education services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed. If the SAT determines through appropriate evaluation that a student is eligible for modifications to the general education program under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, a 504 Plan is developed with participation of the parents. The SAT will continue to provide support as needed should the student not be eligible for either an IEP or a 504 program.

School Social Work

The school social workers serve both regular education and special education children and families by providing a link between the school, the home and the community. The school social workers support families with counseling, acquisition of parenting skills, and assistance in accessing community services.

Behavior Specialist

The Behavior Specialist supports children and staff when a student's behavior interferes with learning. These supports are available to students in both general education and special education programs. Support is provided through classroom observations, child-specific suggestions to building level teams for behavior support, and program consultation and design.

Alternative Program/Homebound Tutoring

Educational services are provided for both regular education and special education students who for medical reasons are unable to attend school. Alternative programs are also provided for special education students who have been removed from school through disciplinary action.

Early Literacy Initiative

A full-time reading specialist for the district and full-time instructional assistants at each elementary school focus on providing targeted reading instruction to identified students in the primary grades who are performing below grade level.

Guidance and Counseling Services

There is a guidance counselor in each elementary school, two at the middle school, and four at the high school. The focus of the guidance program is on prevention through group counseling, individual conflict resolution, life skills curriculum delivered in classrooms, and individual problem solving.

Health Services

One nurse is assigned to each school. The role of the school nurse involves management of direct services such as screenings, emergency first aid, medications; health education and disease prevention; collaboration, case management, coordination of care to support students with severe health problems; health program management including record keeping for all students; and professional growth and training for staff.

A school physician is on contract with the district to provide consultation for nurses, for the athletic director, and for the Director of Student Services regarding health issues.

The Director of Student Services oversees compliance with OSHA requirements regarding management of blood-borne pathogens. The nurses provide staff training and assist with implementation of OSHA regulations.

English Language Learners (ELL)

ELL teachers provide services at all seven schools in the district. Students are identified by school counselors at enrollment as non-native speakers and referred for an ELL evaluation. Services vary based on individual needs.