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See Something Say Something

Los Alamos Public Schools ask that families discuss safety issues.  Take the time to talk about the idea of “See Something, Say Something.” Students are the ones most likely to first become aware of a possible problem in their school. But knowing a problem doesn’t do any good unless you tell someone who’s in position to do something about it. Remember, reporting a concern is very different from gossiping or “snitching”. Reporting what you see may save a life, while just talking with your friends about what you’ve seen won’t help anything.

What you can do

  •  If you see someone in your school who isn’t usually there, or who is acting in a way that makes you uncomfortable, tell someone.
  • If you see someone being bullied, tell someone.
  • If you see or hear of “hate speech” or threats being posted online, tell someone.
  • If there are problems in the parking lot, tell someone.
  • If you hear that someone has brought, or plans to bring, a weapon to school, tell someone.
  • If you see or hear that a student is talking about harming others or him/herself, tell someone.
  •  If you see or hear anything that concerns you, tell someone.

Tell someone

Talk to a trusted adult about safety concerns

Report your concerns

If this is an actual emergency please call 911 or you can use the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System

Tips can be submitted to the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System via mobile app, website, or by calling 24/7 Crisis Center


New Mexico Public Education Department Anti-Racism and  Anti-Discrimination Portal

The NM PED Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination hotline is available for students, families, and community members to report school-based incidents of racial bias, racism, injustice or discrimination against anyone in a school setting

To report an incident to the Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Hotline, please fill out the online form at or access the QR code found on


New Mexico Sex Offender Registry

The New Mexico Sex Offender Registry was created to provide information to the public concerning the location of sex offenders residing in the State of New Mexico. The information provided is intended for community safety purposes only and should not be used to threaten, intimidate, or harass.