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New Student

A new student is defined as a student who did not attend LAPS in the prior school year and resides in Los Alamos County. Students wishing to enroll in the PreK program will register as a new student.

Only a parent with legal custody or a person, who serves as a formal guardian, with a Power of Attorney for educational and medical purposes, may enroll a child in the Los Alamos Public Schools. Out-of-district students must complete the New Out-of-District Registration to be considered for admission.

New students wishing to enroll at LAPS and who reside in Los Alamos County should use the New Student Registration. Elementary students (PreK - 6th grade) residing in Los Alamos County should review the School Boundaries to confirm your elementary school site.

The Los Alamos Public School district uses PowerSchool Enrollment, an online data collection system, for student registration for each school year. The system is fully secure and environmentally conscientious, and allows the district to verify all student information prior to the start of the new school year. The registration system also allows for the electronic signing of all annual permission forms.

You will be asked to create a new PowerSchool Enrollment account if enrolling a new student. This information will be saved, and you will not have to re-enter this information in subsequent years. You will be asked to complete a form for each child attending LAPS. Be sure to select the correct school year when completing the online registration form.

The following documentation is required:

Proof of child’s date of birth

  • Birth certificate (state certified – no copies accepted), or

  • Passport/Visa, or

  • Other legal/notarized identification

Proof of parent/guardian identity

  • Driver’s license, or

  • Passport/Visa, or

  • Motor Vehicle Administration identification card, or

  • Other legal documents used for identification

Proof of parent/guardian relationship or custody

  • Birth certificate which identifies the parents, or

  • Court order, or

  • Separation or divorce decree, or

  • Other legal documents

Current immunization record

Proof of residency to determine child’s school attendance area require the following original documents

  • Current (dated within the last 60 days) Los Alamos County utility bill with name of applying family and the Los Alamos address, AND one of the following:

  • Current (dated within the last year) Original Rental/Lease Agreement for the residence, or

  • House Closing Statement for the residence, or

  • Current (dated within the last year) property tax bill, or

  • Deed, or

  • Current (dated within the last 60 days) Mortgage statement, or

  • Other Residency Scenarios (Conditional Enrollment)

For questions regarding registration, please contact Rosa Schmitz at or (505) 663-2201.