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Student Liaisons

School Board Student Liaisons serve in an advisory capacity on the School Board. Student liaisons attend a monthly school board meeting where they have an opportunity to express student views on the agenda topics. In addition, student liaisons and school board members meet for lunch once a month to review agenda topics and discuss timely issues relevant to the schools.
The idea for student involvement on the school board began in the fall of 2015. Since the board makes many policy decisions that directly affect students, having student representation on the board in a liaison role enables the board to gain input from students and find out their thoughts on issues that relate directly to them. In accordance with state statutes, the students may not be members of the board and have voting rights. 
LAHS Liaisons
Emily McLaughlin, Senior Max Posada, Senior
Arianne Terrones, Senior

Samuel Carmer, Junior

Annie White, Junior Estella Remillieux, Junior (Alt.)


LAMS Liaisons
Sophia Bean Silas Laskie