Chamisa Profile

Chamisa Mission & Vision


Pledge: We put our best effort forward in scholarship, character, and life.

Vision:  Chamisa Elementary is a collaborative learning community where everyone is learning, everyone is achieving, and everyone feels valued.

Mission: We support the learning journeys of all members of our school community, with collaborative, innovative approaches and reflective practices that honor and celebrat the diversity of our Chamisa familes.

Culture and Philosophy

Chamisa is a family-oriented, community-based, teaming school with veryunique characteristics that have survived the test of time. It is importantthat all members of our school community understand the expectations that createour Chamisa culture.
  • Chamisa staff provide a child-centered environment, in whichall children (k-6) interact with and“belong to” the entire staff.
  • Teamingcolleagues at Chamisa expect a community of trust where data is collected,shared, analyzed, and used to drive improvement in student achievement andstaff professional practice.
  • Students and staff work together to create a school-wide positive behavior support culture.
  • Students are expected to take ownership of their learning by setting personal goals and monitoring personal progress in data binders/folders.
  • Cross-grade mentoring relationships among students to promote learningand leadership
  • Parent community expects common expectations, experiences, andopportunities from the teachers at a grade level.
  • Parents and community members are important collaborators in the education of our students, volunteering in instructional and extra-curricular activities.
Chamisa Pot of Gold

301 Meadow Lane
White Rock, NM 87544.
(See map below)

Contact Information:
  • Chamisa Phone: (505) 663-2470
  • Chamisa Fax: (505) 672-0170
  • Chamisa Absence Line: (505) 663-2471

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